27 April, 2010

Challenge 009: Rick vs Mani

Daddy's new toy boy is yet to learn how to behave...

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Round 008: Office Politics - Nick vs Marcus


It took a lot to get him riled but Marcus was shaking with fury and barely holding back tears of anger. He watched as Miller disappeared around the corner for the last time. For the past few years they’d sat side by side in the open planned office, fast become more than just colleagues. Miller had become a good friend too, but now that’s all he was.

Marcus dropped into his seat and sat there rocking back and forth, trying to calm down. Over the partition, he could hear Nick laughing softly at some joke told by the person at the other end of the phone. No doubt one of the executive wives he’d been flirting with as he weaselled his way up the corporate ladder.  Miller was just the last victim in a line of good workers and great guys to be given the flick thanks to Nick’s never ending whispers in the bosses’ ears.

Marcus loosened his tie and struggled out of his suit jacket, throwing it onto his desk. He couldn’t leave yet. He couldn’t bear running into Miller in the parking lot.  That would be too hard.  He’d wait another ten minutes to be sure Miller had gone.

Nick laughed again and whispered “See you tonight then,” before hanging up the phone.  Marcus could picture the brown-noser sitting back in his chair and smugly running his fingers through his perfectly highlighted hair.  Marcus felt like he was going to explode.

“Fuck it!” he snapped to no one in particular. He punched the divider that separated his desk from Nick’s and stormed around to the other side.  “You really just don’t give a shit, do you?!” he barked.

“Hey, easy big boy,” Nick grinned. “What’s on your mind?” As if he didn’t know!

Marcus clenched his fists and he saw Nick’s eye’s drop momentarily to them.

“You mean Miller?” Nick asked. “Yeah, that was sad. But like the boss said, we gotta cut costs. He was the weakest link.”

“Bullshit!” Marcus snapped. “You know who the weakest link is? You are! If you stuck your nose any further up anyone’s arse, you could save on the solarium!”

Nick laughed and stood up. “Looks like you’ve made up your mind about me.  It’s not worth wasting my breath. No matter what I say, you’re not going to believe me.” 

Marcus glared his response, so Nick continued.

“You know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you angry. You know what we call you when you’re not around? Mighty Mouse – because you’re the most timid thing here.  I’m impressed. You’re kinda scary when you get worked up. I like it.” But his grin told Marcus he was being toyed with.

“You think you’re so smart, don’t you?”

“You wanna take it outside?” Nick asked.  “Or wait… I’ve got a better idea.  Follow me.”  He brushed pasted Marcus, deliberately bumping shoulders, and didn’t look back.

“Don’t walk away from me!” Marcus roared, causing the last of the office stragglers to look up startled.  Marcus stormed after Nick, catching up with him in the elevator, which Nick was patiently holding open for him.

“You want a piece of me?  I’ll give it to you, but first I wanna show you something,” Nick smiled.  “There’s just one rule I have – keep off the face.  We’ve both gotta work tomorrow, so no bruising the face. Anywhere else can be hidden under clothing.  Personally though, I find fisticuffs a bit school yardish.  I prefer a good scrap the old fashioned way. You know – man on man. Pin him down and make him your bitch?!” 

Nick laughed. His calmness, especially against the backdrop of piped muzak seemed surreal and in complete contrast to Marcus’ fury.

Nick produced a key and turned it in the elevator control panel. The elevator stopped half way between the top two floors and the doors opened to reveal a new level. 

“Come on,” Nick grinned and strode away before Marcus could make any comment. 

Half way down the corridor, Nick opened a door and waited for Marcus to catch up. He motioned Marcus inside and then followed, sealing the door behind them.

The room’s floor was padded, as were the walls on all four sides.  The fluoro lighting was stark, and four security cameras peaked out from the corners of the roof, covering every inch of the room.

“What is this?” Marcus asked.  He turned around just as Nick grabbed him and slammed him back into the wall, pinning him with an arm across the throat.

“This,” he said, “is my arena. I was starting to think you would never man up. But now that you have, you can show me what you’re made of.”

“What…?!” Marcus’ mind raced as he tried comprehending this odd turn of events.  An arena? At work?

Nick released his hold and tore open Marcus’ shirt. He reached in and locked a steal hold on Marcus around his armpits, just above the pecs.  Marcus cried out.

“The fight has begun, Mickey Mouse. You wanted a piece of me? Now’s your chance.” Nick stepped back and pulled Marcus from the wall, throwing him across the room.

As Marcus stumbled to his knees and turned to look back over his shoulder, Nick was casually removing his tie without a care in the world.  Marcus roared and charged at Nick, ramming a shoulder into Nick’s gut.  They crashed into the wall and Nick slammed his forearm down on Marcus’ back.  Marcus dropped to his knees and Nick locked his head between his legs.

Marcus let out a muffled cry while Nick returned to removing his tie and shirt as though nothing had happened. At length, he opened his legs to let Marcus out and pushed him over backwards.  Marcus looked up and his eyes widened at the site of Nick’s smooth, chiselled body.

“You know,” Nick said, removing his shoes and tossing them into a corner. “Better men than you have tried to bring me down. Remember Angelo? The Italian Stallion that half the chicks wet their panties over? Turns out he was more like a Shetland Pony.  And when I took him down and stripped him bare…well, let’s just say that he definitely took steroids.”  He clucked with mock disapproval and stepped towards Marcus, who tried to scuttle away like a crab.

Nick grabbed Marcus by the hair and lifted him to his feet.

“Your turn,” he smiled.

He took Marcus’ arm and spun him around, but Marcus suddenly reversed the hold and sent Nick slamming back into the wall.  Marcus charged but Nick caught his hands locking them in a power vice.  Marcus slammed his chest into Nick’s and forced the bastard’s hands back against the wall crucifying him against the cushioning.

“Nice move,” Nick grinned. “But now you’re just turning me on.”  He thrust his chest harder against Marcus’ and his arms exploded with muscle as he began forcing his arms forward.  Marcus strained to keep Nick pinned but his strength was unmatchable.

As Marcus began arching back, his knees buckling, Nick changed grip, twisting Marcus over and landing him face up across his knee.  Marcus cried out as his lower back felt the pain of the back breaker.

“If you’re naughty enough,” Nick teased, “I might even roll you over and slap your arse a few times. Would you like that, eh?!”

He removed Marcus’ tie and thew it over his own shoulder before tearing open the remainder of Marcus’ chest.  The light layer of hair that coated Marcus’ defined torso thrust upwards into Nick’s taunting fingers.

Nick bounced his knee a few times causing Marcus to gag in agony. It felt as though his back would snap and the pain was too great for him to move.  Nick loosened his belt, removing it and tossing it aside.

Next his pants were loosened before Nick finally rolled Marcus off his knee. Marcus groaned, thankful for the respite but Nick grabbed at him immediately, removing his shirt, shoes and pants.

Marcus kicked out and tried scrambling away. He was down to underwear and socks now and feeling very exposed.  He ripped off his socks so he wouldn’t slip and staggered to his feet, using the wall for support.

Nick came at him and he raised his hands for protection. Nick walloped him in the gut instead.  Marcus doubled over and Nick slipped in behind him, hooking Marcus’ right arm behind his neck then dropping them both backwards onto the floor.  Nick’s legs hooked under Marcus’, forcing them apart.  An arm cut across Marcus’ throat, forcing his head back, and leaving him guillotined across Nick’s body.

Once again, Marcus couldn’t move.  Nick threw a few light punches into Marcus’ gut in quick succession, then slapped at Marcus’ exposed pecs before clawing them mercilessly.  Marcus cried out but any attempted to pull free just applied more pressure across his throat.

“I can’t even begin to tell you all the things I could do to you from here,” Nick whispered in his ear, flicking a finger at Marcus’ dick.  Marcus jumped at the unexpected touch and Nick laughed. “You know, if it wasn’t for the cameras I’d be taking this a whole lot further right now.”

Marcus turned his head in surprise and their eyes locked, only inches apart.

“Oh yeah,” Nick smiled.  “Didn’t I tell you?  You’re being recorded. This is your audition. You’re part of the club now.”

“What club?” Marcus wheezed as Nick’s palm began sliding over his chest. “What are you talking about?”

“You think the Company is called ‘Spartan’ by chance?!  There’s a whole underground scene going on, and with your pretty boy features and the way you suffer so nicely, you’re gonna be a huge hit with the punters!”

“I don’t want…”

“Nah!”  Nick snapped, cut him off by pressing down on his throat. “You brought the fight to me, remember.  There’s no turning back now.”  He released Marcus and pushed him away, rising to his knees and allowing Marcus to do the same. “You wanna know why all your friends are getting sacked? Notice that it was only the guys being given the boot? It’s because they took the challenge, then wimped out. The Company doesn’t like quitters.”

“That’s a lie!” Marcus spat and swung a punch.  Nick caught it mid air and slid in close, wrapping his other arm around Marcus’ waist. The sweat on Marcus’ skin lubricated their touch and their chests slid against each other seductively.

“When this is over,” Nick said, starring Marcus in the eye and lowering his tone to an almost romantic swoon, “you’re going to have a choice.  You either join us and have a job for life, or you say ‘no’ and get shown the door.”

He bowled Marcus over and came down on top of him, pinning him to the floor. “You’ll be paid for your silence, of course, but you’ll never work here or with anyone we deal with ever again.”

Marcus strained up, but Nick’s strength was too great, leaving his arms pinned by his head.

“Let me give you some time to think it over,” Nick said and slid Marcus’ hands high above his head. He locked them in place with one hand, and whipped the tie off his shoulder, proceeding to bind Marcus' wrists despite his struggles.  Nick then held Marcus' arms down with one hand and used his free hand to cover Marcus’ mouth and nose.

Marcus’ eyes widened as his oxygen supply was suddenly cut off.  He twisted and stained desperately, but Nick lay on top of him riding the thrashing like a rodeo champion.  Marcus’ lungs burnt hotter and hotter and the face above him began to blur and dissolve.

Every sensation was heightened and in the final moments before Marcus lost consciousness he felt Nick’s warm breath on his cheek like a summer’s breeze and the grating of Nick’s chiselled torso against his like an erotic massage.  But the last thing he felt was his own dancing cock and he knew when he woke, he’d have a job for life.

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