06 August, 2009

Challenge 002: Don vs Max

Who will win between Don and Max? Use the comments to place your bet before the fight is published!


Round 001: Blind Date - Jess vs Mack


Jess smirked at the flicker of surprise that passed over Mack’s face when they met centre ring. No one else would have noticed it, but Jess was used to that reaction. Asians are skinny, weak sissies - that’s what they thought, and although he was Eurasian, it was the ‘asian’ bit that people focussed on, and they never expected to meet someone so toned and masculine. It usually annoyed him but it today he hoped it worked in his favour.

His own preconceived idea about black dudes being tough and muscular encouraged him to prepare harder than usual. Seeing his opponent now, taunt and masculine and tough, he was glad he’d put in the extra effort. He hoped though, that Mack’s surprised look meant he’d not trained as hard as he should have.

Jess rolled back his shoulders in the guise of warming up, deliberately accentuating his V-shaped torso. He had a small height advantage over Mack, but the jobber looked much more solid and he was sure Mack was used to bringing down larger opponents. How else would he rule his neighbourhood?

It was Mack’s idea to grapple in the gym after hours. Though they’d never met, they’d been taunting each other, almost flirtatiously, by email for a few weeks now, ever since they found out they were both neighbourhood ‘rivals’. Jess lead the pack amongst his fellow Asian friends, and Mack was the alpha male in his circle.

Their banter had been joking at first, but soon turned into a playful competition of who’d be top dog between them; who’d make who his bitch. And now, with no witnesses, just for their own fun and curiosity, they were about to find out.

They stepped in, grinning, and Mack extended a handshake. Jess took it, muttering “I take no prisoners”, but the warm, sweaty grip sent an unexpected thrill through him, accentuating the excitement he already felt at the sight of Mack.

Mack smirked. “I torture mine,” he grinned, and suddenly gripped Jess’ hand tighter. He yanked Jess forward, knocking him off balance, then swung in behind him, hauling Jess into a full nelson. Jess cried out, caught by surprise; his back arching as the shorter hunk locked him in the hold.

Jess winced, his legs buckled, leaving no room for defence as Mack pressed down on his shoulders, forcing Jess to his knees. Wasting no time, Mack rolled himself onto his back, hauling Jess on top of him from behind, wrapping strong legs around Jess’ waist.

In the few seconds it had taken, Jess was trapped. His head rested above Mack’s rippled stomach, arms pinned back in the nelson while muscled thighs squeezed against his ribs. He gasped, sweat already lubricating his back as it clung to Mack’s torso.

“Wish there was a mirror above us,” Mack said. “I love seeing a guy at my mercy.”

Jess strained upward to no avail, arching his back up in a fruitless, desperate attempt to break free. Enjoying his moment, Mack released one of Jess’ arms to slap his captive on the chest before hauling the arm back into the nelson. Jess yelped.

“You like that?” Mack joked and slapped him again, too fast to allow Jess to pull free.

Jess’s arms flailed above his head. The tight hold made it hard to breathe. Could the fight be over so quickly? Then chance joined his team. His fingers brushed incidentally against Mack’s nipple and he felt Mack jolt. Reacting quickly, he found Mack’s nipple again and pinched. Mack cried out, twisting away and releasing his hold.

Jess rolled over, still locked in Mack’s legs, but his arms were free. Mack was on top of him in an instant but Jess blocked a headlock, forcing Mack’s arms away. He rolled Mack over, pinning him to the floor.

Mack grunted and Jess felt his chest arch up to press into his own. He hoped to God Mack didn’t feel his hard-on.

The victory was short lived though, as Mack tightened his leg lock. The squeeze forced Jess down, pressing harder into Mack, making him lose his control. Mack thrust his arms upwards, his powerful arms bulging with muscle as he forced Jess up and off him. Jess hung in the air above Mack, arms pushed back behind his ears; every muscle in his torso straining down as he hung above Mack. The leg lock added pressure to his arching back, causing him to wince at the pain.

“You think I’d be your bitch?” Mack growled playfully and toppled Jess over, pinning him to the floor. Jess twisted a hand free, wrapping it around Mack’s torso and rolled him back over. Like wild animals, they tussled around, sweat oiling their torsos, gliding pec over pec as they struggled for dominance.

Jess won the battle, rolling Mack off him and freezing their tussle with a headlock that buried Mack’s face in his chest. They still clasped each other by one hand and Jess pushed Mack’s to the ground. Mack let out a muffled grunt as his free hand slapped at Jess’ back.

Jess could feel Mack’s breath heavy and hot against his torso. He manoeuvred his body so Mack’s lips dared to breach his nipple. Mack took the bait, flicking out a tongue. Jess gasped, but tightened his grip instead to keep Mack at bay. Mack groaned again, and wrapped his warm, thick lips around Jess’ nipple now, suckling him while his free hand began stroking Jess’ back.

Jess’ head dropped forward, his body going limp momentarily from the overwhelming sensation. To his surprise, Mack didn’t break free but kept at his seduction, now running his nails down the length of Jess’ back. Jess arched back with a gasp and it was then Mack made his move.

Quick as a flash, Mack flipped Jess over. He pinned both arms to the ground and leap up to sit on Jess’ chest; his knees pinning his opponent’s arms. Jess cried out and arched up, trying to knock Mack off balance, but the black hood balanced himself and grinned down at his trapped prey.

“You like that little sampler?” Mack asked before grabbing Jess by the hair and forcing his face into his crotch.

Jess tried to turn his head away, but Mack used both hands to hold Jess’ face hard against the throbbing member, barely hidden in the loose track pants. Jess could smell Mack’s manhood, a faint odour of sweat, semen and testosterone, and the blend made him hard too.

He arched again, but it was no use. Mack had planted himself firmly, determined to retain control. Jess struggled for breath but Mack seemed determined to suffocate him in his groin. In less than a minute, Jess felt his lungs ready to burst. The world spun in a growing sea of blackness and it was only then that Mack released him.

Jess lay there like a ragdoll as Mack lay himself down on top of top of his fallen prey. He kissed Jess gently on the lips and through hazy eyes, Jess to see Mack respond to his heaving chest rising and falling against him.

Mack slid down to kiss Jess’ chest and playfully massage his dupe’s biceps. He slide his body up Jess’ again until their faces were only centimetres apart.

“What’s it gonna be?” Mack asked. “You give, or do you want me to torture you some more?”

Jess raised his arms to push Mack off, but Mack pinned them without effort and it was then that Jess knew he could never recover. He arched one last time, feeling the muscled torso of Mack holding him down, and he knew that he’d won even if he’d lost the fight. Mack was turned on enough to want him, so let Mack be the alpha male. Jess was good as using his sensuality to control those he wanted. Mack would be his bitch yet. He just didn’t know it. Mack thought the fight was over, but Jess knew the cold war had just begun…