24 October, 2009

Round 003: Thirst - Carlos vs Buyu


Buyu massaged the cool water into his aching muscles and turned to let the spray of the waterfall moisten his face. The stiffness felt good. He was a man now, and the aches echoed the challenges he’d faced and conquered in his initiation rites. Now, in the isolation of the jungle, far away from his tribe, he faced the final obstacle of loneliness and survival. His triumphant return in twelve night’s time would let him join the ranks of men that kept his people fed and safe and proud. He couldn’t wait.

He opened his eyes, turning away from the spray and a movement caught his eye; just a slight one by the water’s edge. He swam a little closer until he could see a white, soiled carcass on the ground. Was it an animal? Could the Gods have brought him his supper without having to hunt?

He emerged from the river, brown skin glistening in the spotted sunlight that flickered through the surrounding trees. The creature was a white man, wrapped in torn cloth, dirty and unconscious. He was face down in the dirt, one pale arm outstretched as though he’d been crawling towards the water. Buyu hesitated. He’d never seen a person with such pale skin!

Cautiously, he approached and crouched down at the top of the man’s head. Buyu prodded the figure’s shoulder. The man groaned and Buyu fell back on his arse in surprise. Yes, it was definitely a man, deformed as his skin colour may be. Perhaps there was a tribe nearby that he knew nothing of? Perhaps this man had failed his initiation and was forced to leave the safety of his people?

Various thoughts ran through Buyu’s mind but the loudest was that of his father’s, telling him that the injured and the weak must always be protected. He crouched again and hooked an arm under each of the man’s pulling the figure towards him. Buyu would lift the man up and carrying him back to the campsite.

The man was heavy, and Buyu heaved, sliding the semi-conscious figure towards him. From between Buyu’s legs, the man mumbled “water!” even as Buyu began dripping over the back of the man’s neck. He didn’t understand the word but suddenly the man’s lips were on his thigh, sucking the clear liquid from Buyu’s skin.

Buyu yelped in surprise and toppled backwards, his grip pulling the man over him like a blanket.

“Water!” the man groaned again as his face fell into Buyu’s chest. Dry lips began sucking on Buyu’s torso almost immediately. Buyu froze, his body electrified by the unexpected sensation; his nakedness hiding nothing of his reaction. His mind raced, exploding with sensations he’d yet to encounter and then suddenly panic set in. He threw the white man off and scrambled to his feet, running back into the river for safety. He was panting, and his hand subconsciously reached up to touch the lingering tingles on his skin.

The white man lay on his back unable to move, and there he stayed until Buyu finally returned to him. Taking great care not to let the man’s face near his skin, Buyu dragged him from behind this time, all the way back to his camp.

Days past and the man’s thirst and hunger subsided, although he was still weak and spent much time in sleep. Buyu had discarded the man’s ruined cloths. Until he recovered, the man had no need to protect his midsection from prickly vegetation. And while he lay there in sleep, Buyu got to sit and watch over him, occasionally reaching carefully to touch the islands of hair that covered much of the man’s body. It was hair different to the short, curly sprinkles on the men of his own tribe, and Buyu was fascinated by the difference.

In fact, there was much about this man that fascinated Buyu. During one, lucid moment, he thought the man was trying to communicate with him, pointing to himself and saying “Carlos” over and over. Buyu assumed that must be his name.

And even when hunting for that night’s meal, Buyu couldn’t help but replay those initial sensations that had been caused by the man’s mouth. He knew now that Carlos had been trying to drink water from him, but how can drinking cause such a feeling?

Finally, he could wait no longer to find out. Carlos was still weak, but healing nicely, so Buyu decided to recreate the sensation; to understand what it was that he’d felt. If he could make that intensity return, he may have learned a skill to take back to his tribe!

He gathered water in a bowl that he’d carved from a fallen tree. Splashing his chest with the water, Buyu leaned over the sleeping figure and waited while the water dripped on Carlos’ face. Carlos stirred, but nothing happened, so Buyu leaned closer. No response.

Perhaps Carlos was still too weak, Buyu thought, so he sat beside his ward and gentle lifted Carlos up, holding the man’s face into his chest. This time Carlos stirred, reaching around Buyu to grasp his shoulders. Carlos tried turning his head away but Buyu used force to hold it in place.

Carlos gasped, his open mouth inadvertently capturing Buyu’s nipple, causing the young tribesman to gasp in return. Buyu pressed his pec harder into Carlos’ gaping mouth and he felt a tongue scrapped over the tip of his tip. He jumped with surprise, letting Carlos go in the process.

Carlos looked up at Buyu and tried sitting up, but Buyu took this as a sign he wanted more. Buyu pushed him back down and lay on top of Carlos, pressing his chest into his face again. Carlos grabbed Buyu firmly now, trying to force him off. It was like a game, Buyu thought! A test of strength!

He snatched Carlos’ wrists and pinned them to the ground, high above his head. As Carlos arched, Buyu understood the gesture that he wanted the sensations returned, so he leaned down and sucked the pink nipples until he felt Carlos’ member begin to rise and throb beneath him. He knew now that he’d done the right thing and he slid forward again for Carlos to please him more. But Carlos snatched his hands free and wrapped his powerful arms around Buyu, rolling him over.

Buyu understood, and stretched his arms out above his head, just as he’d pinned Carlos’ arms down. Carlos grabbed Buyu’s wrists to hold them in place and slid up Buyu’s body to look him in the eye. Buyu smiled. The solid muscle on top of him, the soft glide of skin on skin as Carlos had moved… it all added to the new and powerful feelings he was experiencing.

They stared into each other’s eyes for a long moment, and Buyu saw the challenge Carlos was issuing. The smile drained from Buyu’s face, and suddenly their lips met and Carlos kissed him long and hard. Buyu arched up, knowing now what that challenge was. At home, he’d seen his parents kissing, and the man was always in charge. Carlos was making himself in charge and Buyu had let himself be pinned down!

Buyu arched and squirmed, but Carlos’ grip was strong despite the man still being weakened by his ordeal. How much stronger would he be if he had not been weakened, Buyu wondered?! Their chests grated together and Buyu found himself getting harder and harder, the more he strained. Carlos too, seemed to be affected the same.

Carlos sat on Buyu’s chest now, drawing Buyu’s arms down to shoulder height, and securing them in place with his knees. Buyu eyed the thick, dancing shaft directly above him, wondering what was expected of him even as he kicked out trying to break free. Carlos took Buyu’s head, raising it and forcing the erection against Buyu’s lips.

Buyu didn’t understand, and bucked harder, throwing Carlos off balance. He pulled an arm free and struck out at Carlos, hitting him in the ribs. Using the element of surprise, Buyu rolled Carlos off and quickly positioned himself as Carlos had done, holding the white muscleman down with his knees. Carlos arched a little, but lay there as if in defeat, but in the man’s eyes, Buyu saw understanding, not defeat. The man wanted him on top, perhaps to show him what was expected.

He raised Carlos’ head and Carlos kissed Buyu’s thick dark foreskin. Buyu yelped as if struck by a jolt of lightening. Carlo’s arms came free, but instead of fighting back, Carlos grabbed Buyu’s sides and held him there. As Buyu looked down on Carlos confused, Carlos raised his head and wrapped his moist lips around Buyu’s thickened shaft.

If a deep voice could squeal, it would be sound that croaked out of Buyu’s throat. His head fell back, he arched dangerously, and he only stayed in place by the grace of Carlos’ grip. Buyu was blinded by a stirring so intense that he could neither think nor breathe. His body convulsed in sync with the long, moist strokes of Carlos’ lips. Like a distant observer, he became vaguely aware of Carlos’ hands sliding up his ribcage until they held him just under the armpits. Thumbs reached out to stroke Buyu’s nipples and it was then that it became too much.

Buyu threw himself off Carlos and scuttled out of reach. He sat there panting, eyes and mouth wide open, trembling as he looked back at Carlos. Buyu reached down to grasp his own cock and he stroked it a few times. It felt good, but nothing like what he’d just been through.

Carlos smiled at him, propping himself up on one elbow and mumbling something unintelligible in his foreign tongue.

At length, Buyu regained composure. He was a man. He must not run away. And it wasn’t as though Carlos had been hurting him.

He crawled back to Carlos’ and lay down beside him. Carlos smiled and rolled over on top of Buyu. This time, Buyu let him. He had much to learn, and Carlos seemed eager now to teach him all he knew. Buyu told himself not to be scared. These pleasures were secrets of another tribe that he could bring back to his own people. And perhaps, once Carlos had taught him all he could, he would make himself the man again and force Carlos to satisfy him over and over again. But until then…

Buyu closed his eyes, his lips parting ever so slightly as Carlos’ warm breath was replaced by moist lips against his neck…

03 October, 2009

POLL RESULT: What's hot?

This poll asked which combination of challengers is the hottest.

Participants had the option of voting for more than one option.

141 people responded.

47% Young vs Old
35% White vs Black
21% Hairy vs Smooth
21% Same culture
14% Black vs Latino
11% White vs Asian
11% White vs Latino
10% Asian vs Latino
08% Black vs Asian