27 May, 2010

Challenge 010: Brock vs Drake

XXXtreme Studios is looking for their next porn star. It's down to two men. Only one can have the power needed to succeed.

Who will win between Brock and Drake? Use the comments to place your bet before the fight is published!

25 May, 2010

POLL RESULT: How raunchy?

This poll asked what your favourite wrestling hold is.

Participants had the option of voting for just one option.

21 people responded.

5% A touch of eroticism
5% The kinkier, the better
5% Wild sex
3% As explicit as possible
1% Kickstart my imagination
1% Less is more
1% Tame sex

23 May, 2010

Round 009: Daddy's Delight - Rick vs Mani


“Good boy!”

Rick clasped his hands behind his head and smiled. His cock danced in his underpants and Mani’s thick soft lips kissed his stomach and began creeping up his body. What a beautiful find this shirtless Adonis was, and all for his taking.

Mani’s warm breath fell across a nipple and the youth crouched there gentle caressing the pink teats with his tongue.  He hovered there for a few moments until Rick suddenly grabbed him by the hair and pulled up him upright.

“Argh!” Mani yelped, reaching up to claw at Rick’s grip.

“Did I tell you to stop there?” Rick snapped.

“Argh!  That hurts!” Mani cried, trying to pry Rick’s fingers from his hair.  Rick yanked a little harder. “No!” Mani yelped, answering the question. “No! No! Argh!”

Rick pushed his new young lover back against the breakfast bench, maintaining a firm hold on his lustrous black hair.

“Then I’ll repeat myself again since you’re new at this.  You do as you’re told.  Nothing more; nothing less.  Understand?”

“Yes,” Mani winced.

Rick released his hair. This close, he could almost smell the sex appeal oozing out of Mani.  He slid an arm up Mani’s torso and pinched his nipple.

“Ouch!” Mani yelped and slapped Rick’s hand away, just as expected. The best about these new boys was that they gave Rick an excuse to punish them.  He shoved Mani back hard against the bench then swung an arm across Mani’s chest, knocking him down onto the breakfast bar.  He quickly hooked an arm behind Mani’s knees and lifted the youth’s feet over the benchtop too. He leaped on top, straddling Mani within a matter of seconds.

Mani lay on the bench top looking up at him surprised.

“You haven’t learned yet, have you?!” Rick snapped.

“That hurt!” Mani whinged.

“Put your hands on your head,” Rick ordered, trying not to show just how much he lusted after the body beneath him.

Mani hesitantly obeyed and Rick playfully slapped Mani’s cheeks before jabbing him softly in the gut. Mani withstood the face slapping but reacted fast to the gut punching, knocking Rick’s hands away and bucking at the waste.  Rick lost his balance on the narrow bench and toppled off.

Rick hit the ground with a grunt, the wind knocked out of him as Mani jumped on top of him and used his legs to pin Rick’s arms to his side.

“How do you like it?” Mani yelled as he slapped Rick’s face repeatedly with both hands, slightly harder than he’d received himself.

Rick’s face stung with the sharp slaps and he wriggled underneath the buff Latino. When Mani stopped the onslaught, Rick felt a rush of relief. Mani looked down on him. He wasn’t smiling.

“I’ve changed my mind,” Mani said. “If being your boy means you get off inflicting pain, then forget it.”

“Oh, you’ll be my boy,” Rick snarled.  “And when you learn to behave, I won’t have to punish you.”

He kicked up with both knees and Mani fell forward. Rick hooked his arms under Mani’s thighs, his strong biceps lifting Mani up and over.  Mani’s stomach landed in Rick’s face and he quickly grabbed the you around the waist and flipped him over.
As fast as he moved, Rick still wasn’t prepared for Mani’s strong legs to wrap around his waist, squeezing tight and pushing Rick’s face into Mani’s sweet smelling abs.  His cry of surprise was muffled by the rippling muscles as Manni reached down and grabbed Rick’s wrists, pulling them up above his head.

Rick wriggled against the hold again, the pressure on his lower back keeping his face pressed hard against Mani’s stomach. The kid was amazing and would be worth every moment of conquest. He decided to give Mani a taste of success and began kissing his stomach with wide, wet kisses.  He felt Mani’s dick begin to press through his jeans to stab at Rick’s chest.

Rick smiled to himself, as Mani pulled tighter at his arms. Rick’s fingers could caress Mani’s cheeks now and he stole a look upwards to see Mani’s eyes flicking in all directions as though racing in thought.

Rick forced himself to his knees, fighting back the pain of Mani’s leg lock. He thrust himself forward and came crashing back down on Mani, chest on chest as Mani’s legs slid down to his buttons.  Mani grunted as Rick reversed the hold with a flick of his wrists, pinning Mani’s hands to the ground. He ground his furry chet over Mani’s body and growled in satisfaction.

“You wanna know what happens now?” Rick threatened. He sat up with unexpected force, pulling Mani into a sitting position. As Mani’s legs dropped from around him, he yanked Mani’s arms to one side at the same time as he raised a knee.

Releasing his hold, Rick let Mani flop face down over his knee. He pressed down on the back of Mani’s neck, holding him in place and began slapping Mani’s arse.

Mani shrieked, egging Rick on to spank him harder.  After several slaps, Rick soothed Mani’s arse with a gentle rub, then reached around to unbutton the lad’s jeans and pull them down.  The smooth arse that bared itself to Rick was as olive as the rest of Mani’s skin.  A soft moan of delight escaped Rick’s throat. He gentle massaged Mani’s arse cheeks before whacking them with his palm again.  The red hand prints that formed on those cheeks made Rick want to bed down and kiss it. He refrained, and instead taunted Mani with more slaps before pressing his middle finger tauntingly against Mani’s butthole.

Mani gasped and froze, his struggles replaced by every muscle tensing in his body. He wasn’t ready, so Rick tickled the crevice before sliding his palm up Mani’s back.

“There are two things you need to know,” Rick said.  “One – you are mine now, and if you fight it, there will be consequences.”

Mani nodded. Rick could feel him trembling now and almost felt sorry for him.

“Two,” Rick continued, “Everything I do will be because you want it. I read you like a book, but if I’m ever wrong, you will tell me.”

“I will,” Mani gasped.

Rick pushed him off his knee and knelt over the lad as he rolled onto his back.

“Just remember,” Rick warned, “fear is not an excuse.”

Mani nodded. The look in his eyes told Rick that he was ready to be submissive again.

“Take off your pants,” he ordered.

Mani remained on the ground as he removed his jeans.  Rick knelt over him, savouring the vision, but when the jeans were off, he locked eyes with his lover, instructing without words to go further. Mani removed his jocks. The dancing penis was thick and long and rigid, and Rick’s eyes widened at the sight of it. He wanted to take it in his mouth and arse simultaneously but his own pleasure would have to wait.  Today was about Mani and making him comfortable enough to go further. The alpha male brawl established control. Now he had to learn obedience.

“Now take off mine,” Rick instructed.

Mani slowly reached up and slid Rick’s Calvin Kleins down to his knees. Rick took hold of his own erect cock and stroked it a few times with a moan. Mani knew what to do, and slid closer to take the shaft in his mouth.  Rick grabbed Mani by the hair and guided him in and out, while his other hand reached behind his head to flex his bicep and affirm his dominance should Mani look up. 

They were back where they started, with the youth learning to do what he was told.  This time however, he was sure Mani would acquiesce. After all, he was a good boy, and more importantly, a Daddy’s boy.