30 November, 2009

Round 004: Cousins – Jake vs Shannon


Shannon had no doubt that his cousin would win, though they were the same build and pretty evenly matched in muscle. In the past when they’d arm wrestled, either could come up trumps but this time it was different. This time is was a full blown brawl, out on the back lawn while Jake’s parents were out of town.

They were close cousins, though if Shannon had his way, they’d be even closer. But despite all the things they did together, Shannon’s passion lay in rock climbing while Jake has begun flirting with the armed forces. He had a tougher mentality than Shannon, and his penchant for rough play gave him an added advantage. Not that it would stop Shannon from giving him a run for his money. And if luck were on Shannon’s side tonight…

The wrestle had been Jake’s idea. He equally loved and hated how everyone jokingly called them twins but for some reason, lately, it had begun bothering Jake more. So with his parents out of town, Jake had suggested a grapple on the lawn out back. Shannon agreed, for the fun of it, but knew that for Jake, it was pride at stake.

The match was at night, under the flood lights that partially lit the yard. A night time showdown was Jake’s idea too, so they wouldn’t be interrupted by unexpected visitors or nosey neighbours peaking over the fence.

As they stripped their shirts, Shannon tingled with excitement. They’d be shirtless together many times. They’d even rough-and-tumbled a little in the past, but they’d never seriously faced off with each other. And in a strange way, Shannon found himself not caring whether he won or lost. He just wanted the match, and the feeling of Jake’s body against his.

They stepped barefooted onto the lawn, wearing only their jeans. The lawn was soft and lush, well-maintained by a hired gardener who sadly, wasn’t there to join in the fun. As they stepped onto the grass, it was like a magical signal: the automated sprinklers burst to life and began spraying their jet-streams of water in a circular motion like the Olympic rings.

Shannon hesitated, laughing with surprise but Jake glared at him seriously.

“You’re not chicken of a bit of water, are you?” Jake snapped, stepping further onto the grass and into a fine cool mist of water.

“No,” Shannon grinned and followed his cousin into the false rain. Behind Jake, one of the sprinklers circled in their direction and the jet of water slashed at Jake’s back. Jake arched and grinned, raising his arms like a messiah until the stream moved on in its perpetual circle.

“Game on!” Jake roared, clenching his fists to flex every muscle in his torso before crouching into an attack pose.

“Game on!” Shannon mimicked and lunged at his cousin.

Jake moved in simultaneously. As their hands locked on each other’s shoulders, Jake twisted away, using Shannon’s momentum to unbalance his cousin and slip in behind him. He hauled Shannon into a full nelson, interlocking his fingers behind Shannon’s neck.

Shannon squirmed, catching his breath as Jake hauled back, lifting him off his feet momentarily. With his arms pulled back tight, there was little Shannon could do. He powered his arms downward, but couldn’t break the steel grip he was in.

Jake spun him around to face an oncoming stream of water, which pulsated across Shannon’s exposed chest, pounding against his pecs as it surged over him and continued ever onwards. Shannon spluttered as the spray suffocated him and the icy fingers of the water made him shiver.

Jake lifted Shannon off his feet again, before kicking the backs of his knees, forcing Shannon to kneel.

“Not a good start, Cuz,” Jake chuckled. He released his grip and Shannon fell forward on all fours. His relentless determination to win spurned him on and he dropped on Shannon’s back, knocking him face down into the grass just as another jet of water submerged them both.

Shannon grunted, twisting around to face Jake before he was caught in a choke. He was covered in grass cuttings but was barely aware of it. The resulting headlock hurt too much.

Jake lay across him, squeezing the headlock tight, forcing Shannon to cry out.

“Submit!” Jake ordered but instead, Shannon grabbed at Jake’s most vulnerable spot. He clawed at Jake’s peck, until his fingers found a nipple. Then he squeezed. Unlike himself, Jake’s nipples were ultra sensitive. Every hero has his weakness!

Jake cried out and toppled backwards over the top of Shannon. Finally free and able to fight back, Shannon swung a leg over, locking Jake’s waist between his thighs. He twisted the exposed nipple one more time, then squeezed his legs together. As Jake doubled over, trying to pull away, Shannon wrapped an arm around his cousin’s throat and pulled him back on top.

Jake clawed at Shannon’s arm, but their equal strength meant Shannon now had the advantage. Jake tried bucking, then reached back over his head to claw at Shannon’s face. Neither did any good as Shannon used his free hand to punch lightly into Jake’s stomach then toy with his exposed nipples. Panicked, Jake had no choice but to focus on keeping Shannon’s hand away!

Shannon found himself grinning, a broad, excited grin like a little child let lose in a lolly shop. He released Jake from the headlock, but as Jake tried sitting up, still caught in the leg lock, Shannon cross his arm behind Jake's back and swung it back around over Jake’s neck, pulling him into a reverse headlock.

Jake yelped, now arched over Shannon’s body, his face buried in his foe’s armpit. Shannon playfully slapped at Jake's pecs as they strained upwards into the oncoming sprinkler stream. But they were both lying face up now. Jake’s face was protected from the water sprayed but Shannon’s was not. He spluttered as the stream hit him in the face.

Jake used the moment to blindly reach down and grab Shannon where it would have the most effect. It was time to play dirty, just like his ticklish cousin had.

Shannon squealed as Jake’s fingers dug into his ribs. He twisted away involuntarily, releasing Jake from the hold. The duo separated, both of them grinning.

“You’re gonna pay for that!” Jake laughed and they dove at each other again. Their torsos collided but their hands flew into attack positions: Jake’s grabbed at Shannon’s ribs again, while Shannon bounced off Jake’s torso and clawed at his nipples. The two jerked away from the other's grip and they eyed each other off like animals on all fours.

They began circling each other like prey; minds thinking alike as they lunged at each other in unison, clasping hands in a power vice as their chests strained together. A jet stream of water hit them from side on, finding that minute gap between their faces so it hit both on the chest.

In unison, they arched back to keep their faces out of the spray and for the longest time, the sprinkler seems stuck, hosing them down, the water trickling its way down their torsos in fine slithers, clearing the grass from them in its wake.

The water stopped. The sprinklers switched off and disappeared into the ground to await another night. The two cousins stopped too, releasing their clasped hands and only retaining the eye contact. Their chests heaved against each other’s. Neither moved apart.

“Draw?” Shannon panted.

“Draw,” Jake agreed.

“Good,” Shannon smiled. “Then you won’t mind this.” And his arms snaked around Jake’s waist and squeezed, pressing into the small of his back. Jake cried out, arching away from Shannon. They toppled into the wet grass, but Shannon held tight, rolling Jake on top of him so the ground would restrict his hold.

Jake’s hands slapped fruitlessly behind his back. He couldn’t grasp Shannon’s hands to pull them off. The pain shot through his spine and he could feel tears welling up in his eyes.

“I give!” he cried. “Argh! I give!” And with those words, Shannon let go. Jake rolled off, still arching backwards, reaching behind him to sooth the pain in his lower back.

Shannon rolled on top of him, taking one last chance to feel his cousin’s taut body against his.

“Guess it wasn’t a draw after all,” he grinned. He sat up, straddling Jake, and suddenly, for the hell of it, he twisted those sensitive nipples one last time.

07 November, 2009

Challenge 004: Jake vs Shannon

Two cousins, tired of being told they're so much alike, decide to see who's better...

Who will win between Jake and Shannon? Use the comments to place your bet before the fight is published!