29 March, 2010

Challenge 008: Nick vs Marcus

A workplace dispute uncovers a hidden agenda...  

Who will win between Nick and Marcus? Use the comments to place your bet before the fight is published!


Thanks to MC for the challenger pics and story request. This is our first fight by request!  If you'd like to pitch a fantasy fight, email grapple at myway dot com

27 March, 2010

Round 007: Frat Fight - Orlando vs AJ


“Whoar!” AJ flexed and the guys let loose their approval.

“Gunman!” one of them hollered, raising his beer filled plastic cup in salute of AJ’s biceps.

Another roared with drunken approval by throwing his head side to side and splashing his beer over his chest.

“Animal!” came another voice, and the frat house erupted into howls of animals. Those few who were still clothed ripped off their shirts to join their brothers.

Only one guy stayed silent. At the back of the room, Orlando shook his head and smirked.  He’d never get why AJ was so popular.  Sure, he worked out, but his guns weren’t the biggest in the room, and his short stature made him more like a Chihuahua than an lion… unlike himself. Standing 6’2”, Orlando towered over AJ by at least eight inches and his own biceps bulged even when he wasn’t flexing.

Kissing the cross around his neck, Orlando removed the jewellery and poored his beer down his chest for lubrication. Discarding the cup, he rubbed the amber liquid into his chest and slipped around behind the dozen or so guys enjoying AJ’s show.  They were in the mood for some entertainment and what better way then to take on the House favourite?

AJ was sculling a beer as Orlando moved up the side of the crowded.  By the time Orlando had joined the few guys at the back of the room, AJ was flexing again, daring anyone to force him to drop his pose by punching him in the gut.

The guys laughed and hooted but none came forth, knowing what the punishment for failure would be.  Orlando, on the other hand, wasn’t afraid of a bit of hazing, if that was the cost.  He was in the mood for a rumble and in an even bigger mood to move up the chain. It might have been the beer talking, but he hadn’t downed as many as the others, so he quickly dismissed the idea of drunken bravado.

“Come on!” AJ dared, flexing again in invitation for someone to punch his stomach.

Orlando stepped in from behind and as the crowd reacted, he hooked AJ into a full nelson and lifted him from the ground before the dude even knew there was someone coming at him from behind.

“Yeah!” Orlando bellowed as AJ yelled with surprise, his taunt body stretched and dangling from his aggressor’s arms.

“Who’s your daddy now, eh?!” Orlando teased and tightened the stretch.  “Anyone want to punch him now?!”

The frat boys cheered, loving this unexpected turn of events, and those behind the action scooted to the front, both for a better view and to clear the space for the fight to come.

"Now we're talking!" AJ smirked through his pained expression. He swung his legs backwards, hooking them around Orlando’s butt.  His face strained against the agonising stretch that was made worse from his own move, but as Orlando applied a touch more pressure, AJ’s abs of steel tightened and, using his legs like a ball-joint, he leaned forward in the most agonising vertical sit-up of his life.

Orlando was bent forward as AJ’s feet landed on the floor and the pint sized jobber twisted out of the full nelson, immediately grabbing Orlando in a reverse headlock.

“Ha!” AJ laughed. “Jack fells the beanstalk!” And with that, he dropped to his knees, bringing Orlando face down into a crouch.

AJ wasted no time, springing onto Orlando’s back, the headlock sliding into a choke.  AJ’s legs wrapped around Orlando’s waist and he yanked back, pulling Orlando onto the floor over the top of him.

When you’re horizontal, height doesn’t matter.  AJ knew this, and Orlando was finding out as he was pulled into a half nelson, leaving only one arm free to pull against AJ’s choke hold.  He was surprised at how strong AJ’s grip was on him, but Orlando’s muscles were bigger and with a tremendous heave, he began powering AJ’s arm away from his neck.

AJ tried holding on tight but it was a losing contest. He relaxed his grip and let Orlando yank his arm away, with unexpected ease.  AJ twisted his wrist free of Orlando’s grip and brought the side of his fist down into Orlando’s stomach.

As Orlando doubled over with a grunt, AJ rolled the giant over, pulling him into a camel clutch.  Orlando’s cries were muffled by AJ’s fingers clasped firmly under his jaw pulling him back into a painful arch.

The waft of beer mingled with the sweat pouring down Orlando’s chest.  His shoulders ached, pulled back over AJ’s knees and trapping him in the insidious hold.  He couldn’t fathom what had happened. This wasn’t supposed to be.

With tiny twitches, Orlando struggled to break free, refusing to give in to the fear and pain.  He jerked his right shoulder again and felt it slip a bit, lubricated by their moist skin.  He twitched again, and his arm slid off AJ’s knee.

AJ topped forward with the sudden loss of counterweight, and Orlando rolled over, throwing the pint sized warrior off him.  He sprung to crouch and leapt on top of AJ, hauling a leg up and folding him in half.  AJ twisted before Orlando could secure the grip, flipping over into a press up, while his free leg hooked over the back of Orlando’s neck.

Orlando hit the carpet face down, and AJ, now sitting on his shoulders, reached back to punch the small of Orlando’s back.

Orlando cried out and tried to rise up, only to clear the space around his face for AJ to complete a head scissor.  The couple toppled backwards and AJ grabbed Orlando’s flailing arms, pulling them high above his head.  Orlando bucked, but the leg scissors were choking him and his arms were stretched up tight enough to wreak havoc in his shoulders.

Once again trapped. Orlando bent at the knees and tried arching up to no avail.

“Too easy!” AJ laughed at his conquest.  He released Orlando’s wrists, only to hook his arms over Orlando’s shoulders. The leg lock came loose and AJ manoeuvred them both into a sitting position. His legs wrapped around Orlando’s waist and he pulled Orlando’s arms back far enough to be able to hook one arm through both, holding the challenger in position.

With his free arm, AJ reached around to playfully punch Orlando’s stomach. The spasms broke one of Orlando’s arms free and he quickly swung it up and behind, grabbing AJ in a headlock.  He squeezed hard, forcing AJ to yelp and release the leglock.  Orlando’s other arm broke free and he forced AJ’s face to the ground.

AJ’s legs caught under Orlando’s and the bite sized battler hooked his feet around the inside of Orlando’s thighs, stretching out their legs and stopping Orlando from rolling completely on top of him.

AJ pressed backward and reached an arm blindly across Orlando’s shoulders until he felt a bulging bicep. He pulled at it until he could slide his hand further down the arm, finally gripping Orlando’s wrist.  He pulled hard, and Orlando rocked backwards, suddenly guillotined over AJ’s body.

AJ spread Orlando’s legs and strained his neck to look down upon the exposed chest of his foe.

“He’s all your’s!” AJ yelled.  “If you won’t take me on, then here’s your chance to have some fun. Let him have it!”

The onlookers whooped with approval and crowded around the sweat soaked duo.

“You should’ve known better bro,” one of them admonished and poured his beer onto Orlando’s groin. “You’re fucked now!”  He stepped away laughing and the next one came forward.

“Oh, bro. You’re done, man! Done!”  He laughed, and pummelled Orlando’s exposed gut with rapid-fire blows before staggering away to join his laughing comrade.

A third guy stepped in and put is bare foot on Orlando’s stomach.  “Thought you could ride high?” he grinned, then stepped up fully onto Orlando’s torso.  He whooped and swayed, riding the muscled body like a surfboard, enjoying the humiliation until he was pushed off by the impatient crowd.

Orlando strained, but AJ was keeping a tight hold on him and one by one, his frat brothers continued to step up to humiliate and punish him. From more gut punching to nipple tweaks, face slaps and verbal taunts, Orlando took it all because he had no choice.  He knew now why AJ was The Man. When this nightmare was over, it would be a lesson he wouldn’t forget.