24 December, 2009

Round 005: Festive FurTree Face-Off - Ivan vs Joel


The Santa suits were barely PG. The red lycra shorts clung to their skin, revealing every bulge, while the oversized, button-less red jackets with the white woollen lapels hung loosely over their torsos, held on by the silk red strap that wrapped around their waists.

Glimpses of their furry chests sent the expectant audience into a frenzy. Dance lights and the techno beat had already worked them into a sweat, but now, with a few drinks under their belt and lust in their groins, they surged against the barricades to witness the annual charity FurTree Face-Off.

The nightclub pulsed, but those in the know had already stopped dancing and were crowding the arena to ensure a good view. Even those not involved with the local bear club turned out for this annual Festive muscle-bear event.

Last year’s champ, Ivan, was a demonstration of muscle over mass, taking down the reigning champion, the 230-pound Colossal Cub. This year, he was facing crowd favourite, Joel, a community worker who had quickly won the hearts of many since moving here to take the Director role of a local community charity. His leadership had earned him the respect of the community, while his and sex appeal had stolen the hearts of almost as many.

Regardless of who won, the money raised would go to charity but Ivan knew that he was fighting both an opponent and an entire community this time. By popular vote, they wanted Joel to win, and Ivan struggled with the idea of throwing the fight for the sake of charity.

That said, the ticket money went to the same charity regardless of who won.

In their sexy Santa suits, the contenders stepped into the ring. Testosterone filled the air as the surrounding crowd cheered to the MC’s announcement of their names and stats.

Joel threw off the Santa hat as his name was announced, delighting a glamorous drag queen who caught the discarded cap. With deliberate eroticism, he gyrated to the music as he untied the silk strap and stripped off the Christmas jacket to the appreciative audience. He discarded the Santa jacket, retaining the silk belt to twirl it like an entertainer.

As reigning champion, Ivan was announced second, and copied the routine, stripping off his Santa hat then jacket for the roaring audience. He was amazed at how loud they sounded over the thumping background music that entertained the patrons on the dance floor in the adjoining room.

Ivan twirled the silk strap like a stripper, almost mirroring Joel’s own routine. His eyes ran over Joel’s torso and he could easily see why Joel was the favourite. In other circumstances, he would gladly have submitted to such a hunk.

The circular arena was small, made from a shallow plastic kid’s swimming pool. But it was enough space for a grapple, and sturdy enough to withstand the slippery oil coating layered on the plastic.

Ivan breathed deeply, retracting his taut stomach and accentuating his powerful chest. Joel grinned; his stocky frame oozing its own sturdy power. They crouched and circle, eyeing each other off.

Joel dove deep, grabbing Ivan’s legs, and Ivan immediately wrapped his arms around Joel’s waist. They grappled for dominance and Joel grabbed Ivan’s ankle’s, ripping his legs from under him. Ivan’s back hit the floor and Joel hauled his legs up and over, sandwiching him against the floor.

Ivan grunted, then crossed his arms and swung his silk strap over Joel’s head. As he pulled out, the strap cut across Joel’s throat, choking him.

Joel’s eyes widened and he pressed his own strap across Ivan’s throat. Ivan gagged and tightened his own choke on Joel.

It was a battle of endurance, but Ivan had got in first. Joel released his choke and grabbed at the strap that squeezed against his throat.

Ivan used the distraction to throw Joel off him. Joel hit the ground gasping and Ivan pounced on top of him. He grabbed Joel’s arm and twisted it behind his back. Joel yelped as Ivan held it firm and wrapped the silk belt around his wrist.

With no thought of compassion, Ivan grabbed Joel’s other arm and forced it behind his back, tying it firmly with the strap too.

Joel cried out as Ivan turned him over. His arms were tied behind his back, rendering him helpless and exposed to Ivan’s advances.

Ivan sat on his stomach and looked down on his prey. With a victorious smile, he grabbed Joel’s pecs and massaged them roughly. Joel groaned, squirming against the torment and trying to free his arms. Ivan taunted Joel with a few light punches to his stomach, then flexed his biceps in victory.

Joel struggled, but was trapped. Ivan grinned and began roughly massaging Joel’s chest again.

“It’s up to you,” Ivan offered as his thumbs tickled Joel’s nipples. Joel thrashed, but couldn’t break free of the straps.

“Give up?” Ivan asked.

“I give!” Joel cried, even as he strained against the straps that bound his arms.

Ivan smiled, and leaned down to plant a kiss firmly on Joel’s lips.

Joel arched, pinned but happy as his broad, furry chest arched up to rub against Ivan’s. He was hard and willing, knowing that beyond this public display, they would satisfy their urges in private.

Ivan flexed again, and slid up Joel’s chest to force his groin in Joel’s face. The lascivious crowd roared, hoping for a live sex show, but that would later, after the commentator had announced Ivan victorious.

07 December, 2009

Challenge 005: Ivan vs Joel

It's Christmas time, and this year's Fur Tree is yet to be crowned...

Who will win between Ivan and Joel? Use the comments to place your bet before the fight is published!


01 December, 2009

POLL RESULT: Favourite body type?

This poll asked what your favourite body type is.

Participants had the option of voting for more than one option.

87 people responded.

51% Muscled
44% Caucasian
41% Defined
31% Hairy chest
29% Smooth
28% Slim
26% Slightly hairy
25% Average
17% Coloured
17% Hairy all over
13% Large
12% Weightlifter
11% Skinny
10% With love handles
08% Overweight
02% Disabled